Drunkest Chick On The Planet Hits WalMart

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omni +0 Points November 21, 2013

when did walmart start selling drunk girls.

Timothy +0 Points October 17, 2012

I feel like I should stand up, shout, Yes we can! and take on the Carrington one.Except that I'm in @$#% grad soohcl, and as such, any blogging I do should be related to my @#4% research area. So, you know, something about fly sperm. (Or maybe you don't know. I think I told Maxwell about it. Anyway fly sperm.)Maybe I could do some kind of combo thing. Friends of Leonora Carrington Present: Look at this F*cking Fly Jizz! Or something. We'll see. I'll mention it to El Spouse-tastico and see whether he thinks it's brilliant or nuts.

lol +0 Points September 14, 2010

he didnt pay for that human

Billy +0 Points September 12, 2010

Shit let me hit that when ur done.

damn +0 Points September 12, 2010

To nights, why would you call the cops you fucking pussy? Anyway, that is by far the best video ever. why the fuck he decided he needed to go to wall fuck at that time is beyond me. FUCK WALL MART

hoss +0 Points September 11, 2010

did she died

Noddical +0 Points September 11, 2010

Its in Texas, no one cares.

nights +0 Points September 11, 2010

Nobody had the balls to call the cops?

nkj +0 Points September 11, 2010

id fuck her in the ass

darwin +0 Points September 11, 2010

They really will sell ANYTHING at WalMart.

,, +0 Points September 11, 2010

Looks like the rohypnal kicked in earlier than he expected.

brooklyngod +0 Points September 11, 2010

-oh si-


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