Drunken Fan Fight Leaves Cowboy KTFO'd

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88 +0 Points August 3, 2010

The monkeys filming were amazed that one person could KO someone. It usually takes a dozen monkeys at once to do that!

Liam +0 Points August 3, 2010

What a bunch of wankers

brooklyngod +0 Points August 2, 2010

*oh si*

lilzook +0 Points August 1, 2010

it was night night time cuz

Noob +0 Points August 1, 2010

Come on now, we know people don't go to nascar to watch these guys go around for 5000 hours. It's all about the rasslin.

asds +0 Points August 1, 2010

I'm confused by this. Brothers and racing? I need to go to bed and hope tomorrow is normal.

,, +0 Points August 1, 2010

old cracker got knocked out like every other cracker with their weak ass chins

,, +0 Points August 1, 2010

.. - like to see your dark ass at a NASCA event - LMFAO - you would not last 10 seconds with those inbred good ol boys.

NiggaSaid... +0 Points August 1, 2010

Oohhh shit!!! Imma Utuuuuu ruumarrow...

... +0 Points August 1, 2010

Look at those dumb crackers fighting.


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