Dropping N-Word Leads To Public Beating

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For the record.. +0 Points September 10, 2010

I'm neither white nor black.

yo +0 Points September 10, 2010

what i wanna know is where i can get myself a pack of newports for 3.54!! damn they 6 bucks here.

brooklyngod +0 Points September 9, 2010

oh si

Good +0 Points September 9, 2010

thing this wasn't racially modivated. No hate crimes here.

B. Obama +0 Points September 9, 2010

White people don't wear baggy pants like that...he's not white, he's known as trash and deserved to get his ass wooped.

,, +0 Points September 9, 2010

Their problem is when Blacks beat up other people that no police come - well stop beating on people. No police might have come because no police might have been called?

1010101 +0 Points September 9, 2010

I bet I can guess what word is in the first comment without looking...

Sigh +0 Points September 9, 2010

Learn to police yourselves, and all these idiot niggars coming on here saying that they enjoy beating up white people for being white and putting their race back by stealing and committing crimes, educate yourselves, or just die.

Malcom +0 Points September 9, 2010

Its our country now, Go Obama!!! white people getting what they deserve

Stupid nigger... +0 Points September 9, 2010

In the beginning he is talking about "pig repellant" and at the end he is complaining about "where da police?".

joe +0 Points September 9, 2010

thats watch u get pigs!!

lol white people... +0 Points September 9, 2010

when will they ever learn?

reminds me of one nerdy ass white boi i kicked the shit out of last week. that bitch gotz all scared when i mean muged his ass like all pussy azz crackas do. still beat his azz fro being white


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