Driver Shuts Lady Up With Punch To The Face

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figure +0 Points May 21, 2010

fucking albanians, fucking retards

Hulk +0 Points May 9, 2010

Taxi driver is a moron!!!

umm +0 Points April 20, 2010

damn straight!! thats how all dumb, crazy people need to be handled...maybe then they wouldnt act so dumb, or crazy

fish +0 Points April 19, 2010

lol i love how the camera man zooms in to the plates like anyone would file charges

lilzook +0 Points April 17, 2010

lmfao..kick and punch combo

lol +0 Points April 17, 2010

lucky for the taxi driver he wasnt in the USA cuz he would be sued and the bitch would be living good

hmmm +0 Points April 17, 2010

who cares about the video. brooklyngod is a sperm urinal.

Epic +0 Points April 17, 2010

If you act like an ass your going to get beat like an ass.

HAHHA +0 Points April 17, 2010

Taxi drivers don't take shit from no one

Perfect +0 Points April 17, 2010

Problem solved.

melton +0 Points April 17, 2010

what's interesting is, the cab driver might have saved her life by getting her off the street. there are some maniacs out there that would've run her over. pinche good.

Doc56 +0 Points April 17, 2010

Reality check One ,two "now getta offa da streeta "

Blank +0 Points April 17, 2010

Bitch did get out of the street!

brooklyngod +0 Points April 17, 2010

fucken priceless. oh si


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