Douche Beats Girlfriend While Friend Records

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i know +0 Points May 11, 2010

if you can speak russian you will knowwhy he did it...and i know..he had just found out that she keeps having sex with thier dog and she keeps telling the dog is a better fuck than him plus she is pregnant but thinks its his grandads

Don +0 Points May 8, 2010

I don't soeak russian, but regardless of the language that bitch talks way too much. I am afraid that given the same situation with that girl I probably would have smacked her up a bit too!

troll +0 Points May 6, 2010

i would need about 15 seconds to put him to sleep if it took that long the little bitch. look me up and come on down pumkin. lets chat. P/S bring the canera girl. it would be fun filming me handing you your ass on a plate

Dumb Bitch +0 Points May 6, 2010

Stupid bitch should have kept her mouth shut.

:) +0 Points May 6, 2010

This is Russia's idea of date night.

Wow +0 Points May 6, 2010

I wish I could be as manly as him...

we +0 Points May 5, 2010

fuck him up

guy +0 Points May 5, 2010

the guy is wrong

dutS +0 Points May 5, 2010

bitch fuck chris brown

brooklyngod +0 Points May 5, 2010

very intresting, very intresting indeed and how. oh si

papa +0 Points May 5, 2010

what do you tell a bitch with 2 black eyes? nothing, you told the bitch twice already

Stud +0 Points May 5, 2010

The jerk here is the Cameraman... what a looser !

... the other is just an asshole !!!

douche +0 Points May 5, 2010

this guys a douche bag, and anyone who condones this is a douche bag..Pretty tough hitting a girl huh. fucking pussy. id like to run into this fuck in a dark alley

police +0 Points May 5, 2010

this jerk deserves to get run over by a train

Kyle +0 Points May 5, 2010

hahahahahaha sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

. +0 Points May 5, 2010

This is one piece of shit. he deserve to be beaten badly. never lay your hands on a women.

T +0 Points May 5, 2010

Friend probably vidoe taped it because there is great make up sex later.

Take That +0 Points May 5, 2010

Now go make me a sammich...

meat +0 Points May 5, 2010

hell , she should know not to back talk. fat chicks think they rule the world!!

eh +0 Points May 5, 2010


What? +0 Points May 5, 2010

She started it.

lol +0 Points May 5, 2010

stupid rednecks

Yakov the Jakov +0 Points May 5, 2010

Ahh, the Russian wedding dance. What a beautiful thing.

A vat of Vodka, a shitty apartment with decades old TV's and beating the shit out of pasty blonde girls ... this is the dream of every Soviet man.

Hudge +0 Points May 5, 2010

Well, it took a while, but he finally shut her up.

lolz +0 Points May 5, 2010

but mom he,s a real man


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