Dick Throws Sucker Punch Before Fight Starts

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He got DQ'ed... +0 Points May 23, 2010

Loss Richard Bowkett DQ Cage Rage 11 - Face Off 4/30/2005 1 1:01 ... Guys a douche. I would have much rather seen him get his ass whooped

yourmomsdick +0 Points May 22, 2010

Roided out faggot!

brooklyngod +0 Points May 21, 2010

:oh si:

dasd +0 Points May 21, 2010

hah, ref could have choked his ass out.

ummm +0 Points May 21, 2010

Damn, I saw two guys and read 'scuker' in the title, but what a let-down. oh si

raze +0 Points May 21, 2010

ref should have put him to sleep

_ +0 Points May 21, 2010

I too would be uncontrollable if I was that ugly.

Loser +0 Points May 21, 2010

Thats the last fight you will ever have in his MMA Career!

gwoodie +0 Points May 21, 2010

what a fuckin cock sucker

umm +0 Points May 21, 2010

ppl this "uncontrollable" don't belong in society

hrm +0 Points May 21, 2010

i'm sorry, but ppl this "uncontrollable" don't belong in the sport.

metalman +0 Points May 21, 2010

I hope "attila" got his ass kicked. I really would've liked to see this to the end! What was the conclusion?

wesley snipes +0 Points May 21, 2010

what the fuck is wrong with that guy he should be banned fucker has no control shit fighter too

just me +0 Points May 21, 2010

what a fucking cock jockey

Wow +0 Points May 21, 2010

What a piece of shit.

the gooch +0 Points May 21, 2010

that guy is no bueno

toro +0 Points May 21, 2010

what a bitch move!

lilzook +0 Points May 21, 2010

lmfao..theirs a gif image of this going around


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