Crashing Tanker Truck Sends Guys Runnin

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Moron #34 +0 Points October 10, 2010

Yeah! You want to avoid a locomotive, you don't get off the tracks. You run directly away--down the tracks....You can do it!!!

I think the wipers were to keep the rhythm going strong.

You are morons +0 Points September 10, 2010

@damn- where else were they gonna run you fucking idiot? looks like it was either run 50 feet on the pavement or 5 feet on the grass you retard. And why was the cops windshield wipers on for chrissakes?

brooklyngod +0 Points September 10, 2010

look out. oh si

damn +0 Points September 10, 2010

They ran the same direction the truck was going. Why?

trucker +0 Points September 10, 2010

the trucker wanted to join in on the fun.

joe dirt +0 Points September 10, 2010

well, we're gonna need a bigger tow truck now.

omg +0 Points September 10, 2010

did the tape say RPD fuking shit Raccoon Police Department fuck where the zombies

oh si +0 Points September 10, 2010

aka holy fuck shit


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