Crafty Buried Alive Prank Scares Friend Shitless

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Tex +0 Points March 3, 2010

Not Fake! Fucking Classic

Mike +0 Points February 17, 2010

These fools are always doing these weak or fake ass pranks. You can allways tell by that dam support pole in basment.

lame +0 Points February 11, 2010

Buried alive prank... put a box over half is body... wtf!? that's no where near any good...

dj. Cyrille +0 Points February 10, 2010

that was good prank ever

Yale +0 Points February 10, 2010

I can't decide which is more irritating: their Boston accents or their obvious fake prank.

nightsaints +0 Points February 9, 2010


umm +0 Points February 9, 2010

as fake as it is, the scorpion he does on the floor was top notch.

Fake +0 Points February 9, 2010

So fake. He purposely faceplants. Bad acting.

... +0 Points February 8, 2010

pranks are staged you dumb fuck...the guy getting prank faceplants so im saying not fake...fuck you man

dickbutt +0 Points February 8, 2010

good idea for a prank... but this was obviously staged

jetmo +0 Points February 8, 2010

no, apparently YOU'RE the biggest fag ever according to that bitch assed scream !

lol funneh +0 Points February 8, 2010

ROFL awesome prank. people who say this is fake are dumb,virgin/never saw a passed out person=no life

Weeeak +0 Points February 8, 2010

That was some weak ass acting.

hmmm +0 Points February 8, 2010

OK the first punch was warranted, but you sould have beat his ass when he came back again.

LOL +0 Points February 8, 2010

Best Prank Ever!

Doc56 +0 Points February 8, 2010

The added slo mo was the best part

AHHAHA +0 Points February 8, 2010

beautiful faceplant

brooklyngod +0 Points February 8, 2010

!!!!oh si!!!!

lilzook +0 Points February 8, 2010

lmfaooooo that has to be one of the best oranks ive seen in a long time

kaiser877 +0 Points February 8, 2010

deff by far one of the best ive seen in a while

now +0 Points February 8, 2010

this was good


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