Cow Gets Revenge on Men Trying To Kill It

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yeah +0 Points September 21, 2010

its also worth more than any USA retard. open your eyes to what your government is doing

sdfsdf +0 Points September 19, 2010

I would fucking save that cow. that cow has more right to live than those fucking smelling like shit dress wearing faggot arabs pieces of shit. you fucking kill americans. fuck your arabs. save the cow.

the cow's life is worth more than those fuck

jim and fuck sdfsdf +0 Points September 19, 2010

are muslims from pakiland

haha +0 Points September 18, 2010

cow skinny as fuck i wonder how many hamburgers they can actually make with it...

fuck sdfsdf +0 Points September 18, 2010

sdfsdf go suck your own dick

jim +0 Points September 18, 2010

shut the fuck up sdfsdf. u prick

sdfsdf +0 Points September 18, 2010

the fucking cow is worth more than those fucking subhuman fucking filthy arabs. look at those faggots in the dresses.

prlaaa +0 Points September 18, 2010

hahaha OWNED !

menrbetterthanwomen +0 Points September 18, 2010

i would try to take out as many humans as possible too

hmm +0 Points September 18, 2010

nice one cow! show them hows its done!

brooklyngod +0 Points September 18, 2010

*oh si*


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