Cops Unload Clips To Stop Insane Getaway

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Brazilian +0 Points January 3, 2011

Hey, fat fucking American called "LAWL", Brazilians are descended from Portugueses, not Spanish, so, they are Iberian-American and not Hispanic. Speak Portuguese, not Spanish, son of a biiiiiiiiitch!!!

Fuck u fat ass!!! You're a son of a prostit

wow +0 Points October 12, 2010

wow, shooting among all those civilians.. :S

INSANEINSANEINSANE +0 Points October 12, 2010


lawl +0 Points October 11, 2010

dude must have been on pcp

ffsa +0 Points October 11, 2010

cops should have shot they guy running away. even if he wasn't the one they were originally after. If you didnt do something wrong why run punk? don't run from cops they are the authority!

LAWL +0 Points October 11, 2010

I suck animals off.

Noob +0 Points October 10, 2010


""" +0 Points October 10, 2010

So "hey" and "LAWL" are both spics? Does that mean you both have AIDS then?

LAWL +0 Points October 10, 2010

@hey SPIC SPIC SPIC SPIC SPIC SPIC SPIC, had enough? SPIC SPIC SPIC SPIC, btw im a spic too it doesn't bother me, fuck off and cry somewhere else you pussy SPIC SPIC SPIC

LMAO +0 Points October 10, 2010

cop all chasing the wrong guy. Holy fuck that was close, I bet that cop would of shot him if he had not turn around in time.

haha +0 Points October 10, 2010

lucky that other dude didnt get popped for running away

hey +0 Points October 10, 2010

that's very insulting to brazilians "FUCKING".

FUCKING +0 Points October 10, 2010

spic cop went after the wrong guy halfway through


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