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Cops Caught Stripping Woman Naked And Abusing Her

As if you guys needed anymore reason to hate cops. This just might send you over the edge.

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User Comments (58)

Dickhead @ 08/17/14 10:51PM
cop hater @ 03/13/14 07:00AM
fuck these fucking bastards. fuck the sheriffs. throught all of these bastards in jail and fucking sue the shit out of everybody. fucking pigs.
boobs @ 05/23/13 01:20AM
one question... why the fuck was it being filmed? o.O
anthony @ 04/03/10 07:08PM
i love bitchs
PABLOPISTOLAS420 @ 12/04/09 06:48AM
Jearak @ 10/15/09 09:06PM
Like they said, they didn't ask her to remove her clothes. They knocked her on the ground, restrained her, then put her in the cell and started stripping her.I hope the whole station gets restaffed.
Crockett @ 11/22/08 01:04AM
That happened in Canton, but it's the Cleveland ABC 3 news. I moved to Columbus so I missed this story.
WOW @ 11/22/08 01:03AM
Hey! THat's Cleveland news!!!
JOE @ 09/14/08 12:13AM
haha im from canton ohio thats in stark county and i know who the blonde cop is she got me on a dui a year ago bitch got what she diesrved
frost1102 @ 05/19/08 07:47AM
Cops... hmmm... I dont know a good one. They all abuse there power. They will steal peoples money, drugs, and now apearently your women. I've seen this B4.. but where... oh yeah!! NIGGERS!
AJ @ 05/01/08 01:34PM
You know its difficult to make comments or form a true judgement on only some of the facts. Appalling that male officers were present on strip search, but basic questions as to why and if required not
Hurensohn @ 04/09/08 06:39AM
...bisken spass haben
Boss Hog @ 03/22/08 01:27AM
1st she had another person's ID thats grounds fpr an arrest end of story. All you femminist bitches shut the hell up and go stick something up your poontang and rotate!
thom jefferson was right @ 03/12/08 04:48PM
every one of the fucking bastards should be thrown in a cell with a HIV postitive serial rapist. And the husband should be allowed to exact any revenge he feels like taking. If there is to be no just
Citizen 1 @ 02/14/08 10:31AM
Fire all officers, administrative or otherwise, involved. File abuse charges against all involved. Civil suit against the department for huge $. None of that happens, do what you must for justice.
zaza @ 02/12/08 07:41AM
9011 @ 02/12/08 04:22AM
knute @ 02/11/08 03:45PM
fix the fucking video already
sickened @ 02/11/08 09:45AM
fucken cops hope they go to jail and get ass raped on a dailt basis
nobody @ 02/09/08 08:02AM
on the tape she is brownhaired and on the pics she is blond, idiots!
OMG... @ 02/08/08 09:41AM
weather it was warented or not... with guys in the cell she is going to win... they did not follow policy and no matter what reason they had... they lost and she is getting a ton of money
tired of the shyt @ 02/08/08 08:32AM
I say it should be open season on cops
Tired of the shyt @ 02/08/08 08:31AM
A cop is good for anything but lead storage.
JohnnyRebel @ 02/07/08 06:53PM
Sick fuckin' pigs! They should all be locked up and anally raped...poetic justice.
Brian @ 02/07/08 03:32PM
Bullshit......females working in all male prisons have to strip male inmates!
Shipwreck @ 02/07/08 03:29PM
And people wonder why I hate cops so much. Those fuckers have way too much power, and arn't afraid to use it. fuck em all, and I hope those fucks in that video get what they deserve!! (although I k
bastard cop's @ 02/07/08 01:44PM
fuck cop's hope they all die
jim @ 02/05/08 11:31PM
Bullshit @ 02/05/08 05:12PM
these cops are bad!
imacop @ 02/05/08 01:35PM
Have any of you assholes ever worked in corrections? When somebody is drunk they are loud, combative, and can be very strong. BTW strip search is STANDERD PROCEDURE! the only mistake here is that t
JacksonPolk @ 02/04/08 10:07PM
I've never seen a cop be helpful. They just come later and assure you that lots of radios get stolen so deal with it. Fuck the cops.
ddddddddd @ 02/04/08 10:06PM
men cant pll those clothes off. its not legal.learn the law
you suck @ 02/04/08 10:05PM
first of all
kk @ 02/04/08 05:42PM
kk @ 02/04/08 05:41PM
does it REALLY look like abuse, use your head. it looks like some whack job drunk freak up to no good and resisting arrest. why is she so freaked out if she didnt do anything wrong? one reason, SHE
kk @ 02/04/08 05:39PM
michael mayhem, u are so naive. get a life loser!!!!
ACLU @ 02/04/08 04:16PM
FUCK THEM!! POLICE ROCK!! Crack whore should be charged with Identity Theft!
ACLU @ 02/04/08 04:12PM
What the hell is this bitch doing with her dead sisters ID? UP TO NO GOOD!! And she shows it to police as her ID? What is she hiding? Her husband is a dush. He asks "Would any husband want this don
Nigz are shit @ 02/04/08 02:29PM
If it werent for the cops the niggers would steal everything and run rampant like they do in Africa.
Mike @ 02/04/08 01:58PM
What provoked the Cops? The part of the tape you never see...
Michael Mayhem @ 02/04/08 11:32AM
nineeleven:you'll be the next americn asshole to blindly give up your civil rights because you have no brain or spine, you worm. Move to El Salvador
Michael Mayhem @ 02/04/08 11:31AM
Fuck kk, doodog,and especially YO
Michael Mayhem @ 02/04/08 11:29AM
None of you would feel so cavalier about this if it were YOUR wife/sister/daughter
Michael Mayhem @ 02/04/08 11:27AM
This is why cop killers are heroes in jail, for reasons alot like this!!!
kk @ 02/04/08 09:38AM
what a fricken joke, some stupid out of contol freak regretting being an asshole and claims abuse. what a joke, wake the f up people. shes guilty as charged.
greystyler @ 02/04/08 08:54AM
naughty naughty having male officers strip searching a female! supposed to be all females thats about all i see wrog unless you see the whole story but if she phoned cops first well she think next ti
name @ 02/04/08 08:31AM
lame @ 02/04/08 08:05AM
you all are just ready and willing to give up your rights and be gerded like sheep, even IF she was a crackhead, they didnt answer her question of why? and they had gone against policy
doodog132 @ 02/04/08 07:46AM
cool, can I be next to strip her? May have to check her anal cavity. Obviously setting up the Sherrifs Dept for a lawsuit.
yo @ 02/04/08 07:33AM
that was some funny shit.. rape without penetration? haha, that bitch was so cracked out If I was them cops I would've muzzled her
nineeleven @ 02/04/08 06:55AM
call a crackhead!!!
nineeleven @ 02/04/08 06:54AM
Suicidal people are stripped and placed into a padded cell. If they r left clothed and they hang themselves it's the cops fault. Walk a day in their shoes... don't like cops next time u need help
911 @ 02/04/08 06:03AM
Fuck the police. Fuck them. Savage retards. usa fuck off
q784145185 @ 02/04/08 05:01AM
q784145185 @ 02/04/08 05:01AM
lame @ 02/04/08 02:28AM
this sherriffs agency was also sued by a group of teenage girls who were forced to stripp, sqwat and etc. before a 15 min shock tour of the facility for being at a school fight
thisguy @ 02/04/08 01:48AM
It looks to me like there is more to this story than what the news is showing like usual. Does anybody know the history of this lady? Go ahead and hate the police nwo but when ya need one your opinion
i hate you and you @ 02/04/08 12:13AM
are the cops and you are people hahahahahaha