Cop Taser Causes Dude To Fracture His Skull

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HULK +0 Points May 9, 2010


david blain +0 Points April 11, 2010

this is one of my fav. tricks.... the cigarette bullet.... has you smoke, the burning will trigger the "gun"

XtaC +0 Points April 5, 2010

Police officers USED

to be trained and able to control some1 manually. enought said

lilzook +0 Points April 5, 2010

police = HUGE lawsuit might have the power to take the tazers away from police

Ok +0 Points April 5, 2010

Don't want to comply? Wood shampoo...for you faggots in the UK, that means an ass-whoopin with billy clubs.

Guy from the UK +0 Points April 4, 2010

America, thank you for providing an umbrella of freedom. Without it, myself and my fellow western Europeans would be dead.

WTF? +0 Points April 4, 2010


pussies +0 Points April 4, 2010

There are 3 of them...go back to old police work and take him down manually. They resort to their tasers now...

Guy from the UK +0 Points April 4, 2010

What a stupid country you live in.

.. +0 Points April 4, 2010


Doc56 +0 Points April 4, 2010

Once more we come back to "When and officer of the law makes a request Just do it" but with the sue happy ass folks figure "I don't they either taze me or take me down ,I can sue and kick back" they should have pull a gun shot him in knee cap and then he'd listen

stupid bastard +0 Points April 4, 2010

next time he'll put down his fucking cancer stick when they ask! lesson learnt... the hard way

Po Po +0 Points April 4, 2010

Your right asshole. They should have shot that big drunk queer. That way he wouldn't have to bitch about any lasting affects.

You know when you live in a Police state +0 Points April 4, 2010

when the cops are allowed to taser a citizen simply because they didn't put out their cigarette fast enough. What next pubic executions if you don't show your papers fast enough Heil hitler !!!!!!

wow +0 Points April 4, 2010

just doing their jobs but they sure will pay out the ass when the lawsuit is done

brooklyngod +0 Points April 4, 2010

it is, what it is. oh si


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