Cop Knocks A Handcuffed Girl's Teeth Out

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jim99 +0 Points October 11, 2010

no wonder they dont like the police in the states

wtf +0 Points October 8, 2010

why isn't she in the kitchen?

asd +0 Points October 8, 2010

wow you guys are idiots. she had a fucking knife and was charging at the cop, what do you expect?

Ah. +0 Points October 8, 2010

Good to see appropriate use of force against an unruly and potentially threatening 90lb girl. Fucking goddamned pussy cops.

So lesson is... +0 Points October 7, 2010

drunk people should use better judgment?

che85mor +0 Points October 7, 2010

No one noticed "DPS" in the lower left corner of the camera? She should have been expecting it. Now she needs some heals and that bitch is ready to raid.

Public Service +0 Points October 7, 2010

Lesson: Don't Smoke Crack!

... fuck cops ... +0 Points October 7, 2010

always being dicks

always abuse of power


lol +0 Points October 7, 2010

Steve, speaking from experience ?

Satan +0 Points October 7, 2010

Jesus your a pussy.

hansen +0 Points October 7, 2010

we got a runner ^^

Jesus H Christ +0 Points October 7, 2010

Except for you bunch of low life bags of shit probably dont have jobs. You all know the world would fall apart without police so shut your fucking mouths

Jesus H Christ +0 Points October 7, 2010

The stupid bitch had it coming. And for all you police haters, go fuck yourselves. They make mistakes at their jobs just like everyone else does.

umm +0 Points October 7, 2010

the bitch deserved it

Steve +0 Points October 7, 2010

I would love to see this cop do time in jail and get fucked in the ass for the next 5 years.

I fuckn hate pigs

haha +0 Points October 7, 2010

Stupid bitch, don't drive drunk and start thrashing around when the cops are trying to restrain you and put you in the car. That's what you get

matty +0 Points October 7, 2010

Assault by a police officer, only use force as needed by the situation. A women in hadcuffs......

ahh +0 Points October 7, 2010

Trooper Arturo Perez faces a charge of misdemeanor assault. former Texas DPS trooper faces criminal charges. woman was treated at a hospital for a deep gash in her chin and had cuts on her knees


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