You Have Never Seen Limbo Skills Like These

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rat +0 Points July 8, 2010

fucking zulu........

lilzook +1 Point July 4, 2010

lmfao..its hermes from swingers

blackass +1 Point July 4, 2010

damn ma nicca got skilllzzzz!

Mac +1 Point July 4, 2010

yeah it was pretty damn impressive actually

milk +1 Point July 4, 2010

(cocks gun and aims it towards blackyMCblack)

"now lets put the bar 6 inches lower. now limbo!"

TTTrip +1 Point July 4, 2010

holy shit! he's like Hermes from Futurama!

ha +1 Point July 4, 2010

the guy in the blue shirt at the back is next to try.

how much of it is genetic? +1 Point July 4, 2010

did he have to work at this?

brooklyngod +1 Point July 4, 2010

impressive, na not really. oh si

HA +1 Point July 4, 2010

If only he could read or write...


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