Red Bull Air Race Pilot Makes Amazing Save

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to the fagtard that said its remote controlled +0 Points June 7, 2010

r u fucking serious ur a moron go suck a cock fag fucker

. +0 Points June 7, 2010

Shit I was going to go there to watch those races....knowing my luck he would have crashed if I was there.

Annoying announcer +0 Points June 7, 2010

Piss ant nothing trying to minimize what just happened, dumb ass mother, couldn't fly a kite, A hole.

brooklyngod +0 Points June 7, 2010

lame, what a waste of my time, boring, nextttttt. oh si

no +0 Points June 7, 2010

its remote controlled.

geebee +0 Points June 7, 2010

brooklyngod should ask if he could borrow one of his balls.

that was not a save +0 Points June 7, 2010

I don't think that was a save... I think he meant to do that.

Brooklyngod's Sister +0 Points June 7, 2010

I leave the same type of smoke and sounds after a big bean burrito and anal sex alot like my brother

lilzook +0 Points June 7, 2010

omg..was someone inside that?

@cunt +0 Points June 7, 2010

no, going back to the airport.

umm +0 Points June 7, 2010

whoa that was pretty bad ass

Cuntflaps +0 Points June 7, 2010

lol did he just fly off into the sunset at the end?

grizzly +0 Points June 7, 2010

I would have filled the cabin with shit if that happened


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