Pornstar Totally Destroys so-called Feminists

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Get off your fucking high horse. -1 Points February 18, 2015

Nice bangs bitch.

She gives me a boner!! -1 Points February 17, 2015

She's hot!! And she gets hotter the more pissed off she gets!!

Pissed off bloke +2 Points February 17, 2015

Pity the public wouldn't vote her into office, she makes more sense than quite a lot of them.. I'd imagine that the lady who was attacked will NEVER get the help that most victims do, it's totally crap... Modern feminist's don't want equality anymore, they want to enslave...

. +0 Points February 17, 2015

They don't give a shit about adult movie actresses. She has a point - a woman's right for receiving help doesn't end with her career and life choices.

juanhunglow -3 Points February 17, 2015

she is in great need of a old fashioned hate fucking

basil -1 Points February 17, 2015

She fires up nicely. I like her.


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