Gifted Girl Gives a Real-Time Squirting Tutorial


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Anonymous +0 Points September 29, 2015

"like peeing" squirting is literally thin piss

complete bs +0 Points September 28, 2015

As expected, she's a girl, and she has no idea about what's happening when she squirts... "Something fills up your bladder" ... what nonsense

Anonymous +0 Points September 28, 2015

Chrissy Gray

Jeff The Drunk -1 Points September 28, 2015

Anonymous -1 Points September 28, 2015

What is her name? She is hot.

Anonymous -1 Points September 28, 2015

This works. Did this to my ex-gf quite a bit. She's right, you go up towards the stomach and it feels rough. My ex would soak the sheets.

please -1 Points September 28, 2015

omfg i want to eat her pussy so bad.


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