Giant Red Wasp vs. Big Spider - Who Wins?

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Rosangela +0 Points June 28, 2013

Excellent. I'll be sure to check this out, Mike. I hope you touch upon some of the current stuff (Spider-Island and Ends of the Earth) along with the clssaic stuff. I admit I haven't listened to Views in a long time, but your FCTC discussions are a ton of fun. Keep up the good work!

LOL +0 Points March 15, 2013

float like butterfly, sting like a erm... wasp?

lawdlkwj +1 Point June 23, 2010


I win. +1 Point June 23, 2010

Actually the clip wasn't over.. I stepped on them both.

damn +1 Point June 22, 2010

Can't we all just get along? damn insects are fighting these days

brooklyngod +1 Point June 22, 2010

intresting, intresting indeed. oh si

. +1 Point June 22, 2010

Holy fuck.

fsdfds +1 Point June 22, 2010

thats a bit mean.

milk +1 Point June 22, 2010

i pump stuff into my pray too (women) and their world turns to hell when my babies come out.

hmm +1 Point June 22, 2010

that was a sweet fight. spiderman needed to use more web slinging though

blackass +1 Point June 22, 2010

thats mi nicca

Mac +1 Point June 22, 2010

LOL at the spiders last twitch

Brooklyngods Sister +1 Point June 22, 2010

Dis here reminds me of when needle dick ( aka: Brooklyngod) got a case of the crotch crickets he was dragin his nut sack like a dog with a shitty azz who ever would a thought his pin dick could get pussy but he did get along well with the female dog next

brooklynfag +1 Point June 22, 2010

oh si oh si

Liam +1 Point June 22, 2010

lol stupid spider

lilzook +1 Point June 22, 2010

oh my..that was better than that karate kid remake

Harsh +1 Point June 22, 2010

Some wasps lay their eggs inside of another creatures and the little ones eat the prey inside out... if that's the case here that spider's world is gonna turn real nasty

thats not all +1 Point June 22, 2010

you do realise that it was actually pumping that spider full of eggs, then they hatch and eat the spider inside-out.

i dont think the wasp its self eats any of the spider

.. +1 Point June 22, 2010

DAMN NATURE! .. You scary!

Damn +1 Point June 22, 2010

Thats brutal......


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