Every Man in Taiwan is Going Nuts over this Girl

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Zoomzoom +0 Points August 22, 2015

Hahahaha @ darwin you're the fuckin man. You certainly have a point there

fuckinchina +0 Points August 21, 2015

Taiwanese (and Chinese) love that style of voice. It's called "wawayin", or doll voice. Started with Taiwanese girls and now all the dumb mainland Chinese girls emulate it.

gross +0 Points August 20, 2015

looks like a 10 year old boy, guess it shows a lot about their sexual preferences over there.

darwin +0 Points August 20, 2015

@ Zoomzoom...You are 100% correct. Now, spend a few weeks with that voice non-stop ringing in your head and then tell me how much fun she is in the sack. Your lawyer might get you a plea deal for manslaughter.

J.J. +0 Points August 20, 2015

She's one attractive munchkin.

Zoomzoom +0 Points August 20, 2015

Fucking homos..she is hot as fuck! Fat chance finding a remotely attractive broad working at Mickie D's on this side of the pond

darwin +0 Points August 20, 2015

That annoying chipmunk voice

. +0 Points August 20, 2015



get better eyes

. +0 Points August 20, 2015

dah fuck? they all look the same, which one is she?


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