Chick Launches Car Over Airport Toll Booth

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Berty -1 Points July 27, 2012

i agree I would titty fuck her, then cum in her face. a0Then I guess I would go cry in the corner.a0I loath this bitch- relaly though, let's be honest here. a0The smoke shows of the day are WAY better then this slut right? a0Its marketing 101 and it sucks.

pixle +0 Points November 22, 2011

METO +1 Point November 10, 2010

Yes man .. looks like DH4

isawthismovie +1 Point June 23, 2010

wheres the flaming helicopter

bleh +1 Point June 6, 2010

wow the perfect die hard 4 reenactment. :P

brooklyngod +1 Point June 4, 2010

yet again another instant priceless classic shoosh time video. oh si

Diverses +1 Point June 4, 2010

omg knight rider

____ +1 Point June 4, 2010

No, she didn't die. She shattered her wrist, but that's all. She was driving a new Chevy Impala and she was leaving DFW airport when she thought she'd skip paying the toll. Just another day in Dallas.

B +1 Point June 4, 2010

a barrier for most people, a ramp for a select few

lilzook +1 Point June 4, 2010

lmfao..she went flying and then vanished

lol +1 Point June 4, 2010


You know what they say +0 Points June 4, 2010

Women drivers, no survivors.

geebee +0 Points June 4, 2010

Statistics have shown that women are the safest drivers?

Red Bull +1 Point June 4, 2010

Damn it so much for making the red eye

_ +1 Point June 4, 2010

thats one way to get out of paying those toll booth.

bryguy +1 Point June 4, 2010

Her favorite show growing up: The Dukes of Hazzard

Hypnotoad +1 Point June 4, 2010

$20 says her lawyer goes for the "Toyota" defense in court

Cuntflaps +1 Point June 4, 2010


sdfgsdf +1 Point June 4, 2010

women need to remain in the kitchen. trying to have them do anything else and this is the shit that happens.

Anonymous +1 Point June 4, 2010

this vid is everywhere. the chick said she had a vodka-cran to drink and she was charge with a DWI. i didn't realize it was at 6 in the fucking morning though! it should have been a DWF, driving while female! They're hormonal, incompetent, and dangerous

HELL YEA +1 Point June 4, 2010


dick +1 Point June 4, 2010

Yes Fuckin YES,hey,was that a prius

LMAO!! +1 Point June 4, 2010

Hope they died this world doesn't need more stupid people.


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