LOL: Guy tries to scam hookers into free BJ's

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Pizza guy +0 Points January 21, 2017

He's asking for anal sex, but they are prepared only for pussy/mouth

Anonymous +0 Points January 15, 2017

haha fuck, there's literally a hooker on every corner in italy and this video proves it !

Anonymous +0 Points January 13, 2017

if you want to know what this beaner is saying just ask your mom she totally understands


pvmediocre +0 Points January 11, 2017

why does it makes video not encoded properly when I try to jump in a specific timelap

Anonymous +1 Point January 11, 2017

If youre going to say racist shit at least know to whom your being racist against ya ass. He isnt a beaner to you use your term

Anonymous -1 Points January 11, 2017

piper perri

Anonymous +0 Points January 11, 2017

hey driving a renault.

Fred +1 Point January 11, 2017


Anonymous +1 Point January 11, 2017

Is it gay that I came to this vid?

Anonymous +1 Point January 11, 2017

Italy is full of romanians dirty sluts. ..I mean not gest in Italy...Germany, France, Spain, most of them are in UK now, but not for long time, u know Brexit and all that shit

sn +0 Points January 11, 2017


SIMON +0 Points January 11, 2017

Dewiant do utylizacji

Anonymous +0 Points January 11, 2017

how am i supposed to know what this beaner is saying; i don't speak burrito

Anonymous +0 Points January 11, 2017

vai a puttane e ti fai le seghe Bah!!!!!


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