LOL: Guy tries to scam hookers into free BJ's

  • 'off-limits' my ass! She made me cum a bucket
  • YouTuber 'LenaThePlug's Leaked Sex Tapes
  • Now THATS service! Hotel maid made me cum
  • She's Arab... so a little torture just gets her off
  • And that's what you DON'T do on a first date!
  • Snuck away from dinner to fuck in a bathroom
  • ONCE IN A LIFETIME: If only I was this lucky...
  • Life must be fun with CRAZY fan girls like this!
  • The PERFECT 18-year-old body? Got my vote!
  • See that BULGE? What a deepthroart ARTIST!
  • 'YOLO' College Girl's 1-night-stand Sex Tape
  • This guy is DEFINITELY fuckin out of his league
  • They won't remember this tomorrow... I WILL!
  • "But we can't do this in the office break room!"
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User Comments (14)

  • anonymous @ 01/11/17 01:14PMBest Comment
    If youre going to say racist shit at least know to whom your being racist against ya ass. He isnt a beaner to you use your term
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  • Fred @ 01/11/17 08:32AM
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  • anonymous @ 01/11/17 06:37AM
    Is it gay that I came to this vid?
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  • anonymous @ 01/11/17 06:11AM
    Italy is full of romanians dirty sluts. ..I mean not gest in Italy...Germany, France, Spain, most of them are in UK now, but not for long time, u know Brexit and all that shit
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  • Pizza guy @ 01/21/17 06:33AM
    He's asking for anal sex, but they are prepared only for pussy/mouth
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  • anonymous @ 01/15/17 11:42PM
    haha fuck, there's literally a hooker on every corner in italy and this video proves it !
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  • anonymous @ 01/13/17 05:55AM
    if you want to know what this beaner is saying just ask your mom she totally understands burrito
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  • pvmediocre @ 01/11/17 05:56PM
    why does it makes video not encoded properly when I try to jump in a specific timelap
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  • anonymous @ 01/11/17 09:32AM
    piper perri
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  • anonymous @ 01/11/17 08:45AM
    hey driving a renault.
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  • sn @ 01/11/17 03:50AM
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  • SIMON @ 01/11/17 02:38AM
    Dewiant do utylizacji
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  • anonymous @ 01/11/17 01:08AM
    how am i supposed to know what this beaner is saying; i don't speak burrito
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  • anonymous @ 01/11/17 12:46AM
    vai a puttane e ti fai le seghe Bah!!!!!
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