12 minutes of girls getting annihilated by BBC

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Anonymous +0 Points December 31, 2016

Why is the name not needed at 1:07? What's her name

Anonymous +0 Points December 29, 2016

@8:44 full vid amywhere?

Anonymous +0 Points December 29, 2016

6:16 name ? video full ?

Nice +0 Points December 29, 2016

Remember ladies. Once you've had black we don't want you back.

Anonymous +0 Points December 29, 2016

Anyone in WA? Let's jerk off to this together

Anonymous +0 Points December 29, 2016


Anonymous +1 Point December 29, 2016

I had a threesome with my hubby and a black man 3 months ago. My man is 5 hard and he was legit 10 3/4! My pussy was sore for two days but well worth it! My husband loved watching me get destroyed by him. And he fucked me every which way for 45 minutes. Now I just sat on my husbands chest and jerked him off while humiliating him about how much better black dick is. Kudos to my husband though. He just shot the biggest load he ever has. Not bad for a small white dick!

anyonesmouse +0 Points December 29, 2016

I thought the owner of this site was Spanish?

NNNNNNNNNNNNIGEL +1 Point December 29, 2016

@1:07- Name NOT Needed

Anonymous +0 Points December 29, 2016

who is 5:24

NiggerFaggot -1 Points December 29, 2016

Girl in 4th video at 50 second mark?


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