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jasonyoakum +0 Points March 31, 2017

shit I want to make a pron with some one

Anonymous +1 Point April 17, 2011

I am a girl lol 17 i loveeee to watch porn and just love to be fucked reallllly fast but to bad i won't give out my info maybe when im 19 il become a porn star i have tan skin but not azn and i really love big dicks but boys my age down here are o scared to do a girl right lol they dunno how to do anything

james +0 Points February 25, 2011

all this has made me horny anyone up for a good root keen all the time anytimes a good time anybody out there

sexy baby +0 Points September 2, 2010

i could watch this vedio!!!!!!!!!!what the fuck

same dude! +0 Points June 24, 2010

Emily, are you a lesbian?

Nice! +0 Points June 24, 2010

She's sooooooooo fuking hot. I could cum in that pussy every day. I love her big tits

Zarbito +0 Points December 20, 2009

omg sweet blonde girl! i could creame on her every day!!!

emily +0 Points November 25, 2009

I want her to lick .y dick hard

emily +0 Points November 25, 2009

nice boobs

Same chick +0 Points March 17, 2008

that was in the \"virgin\" video

bob +0 Points March 17, 2008

She\'s very hot but seems bored to death

Heather +0 Points March 17, 2008

i think boring

ehwee +0 Points March 17, 2008

fantastic body! i wannt fuck her deep inside

ehwee +0 Points March 17, 2008

fantastic body! i wannt fuck her deep inside

sure is a nasty +0 Points March 17, 2008


jinll +0 Points March 17, 2008

very good

jinll +0 Points March 17, 2008



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