Coffee Cup Explosion Scares Shit Out of Chick

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brooklyngod +0 Points April 26, 2010

smart i am indeed but know everything not quite. oh si

c +0 Points April 26, 2010


dunno +0 Points April 25, 2010

lets ask brooklyn god he is so smart and knows everything

lulz +0 Points April 25, 2010

hey retards..ever think she was on a webcam and laughing at the person she was talking to? "hurrr durrrr fake"..fucking think about it

bob +0 Points April 25, 2010

not saying if it is real or fake...but u guys are stupid and will never make it in CSI.....the video could have been uploaded by the person shes chatting to on the pc....the person on the other side might be recording her cam

bryguy +0 Points April 25, 2010

i think i also saw a guy on the grassy knoll

scum +0 Points April 25, 2010


jfjfjfj +0 Points April 25, 2010

1) pointless typing

2) retardly smiling

3) the over acted sigh when she sat down.

4) the LOL before she knew what happened. Loling isn't the first thing you do. You investigate what happened.

5) WTF was she recording it and then uploading it

That is so real +0 Points April 25, 2010

It's real! why else would she be scared at the end if she knew it was coming? use ur brains peopel!

Doc56 +0 Points April 25, 2010

Uh huh A bit O the fakery here but she did pull off the duck, tuck & cover

damn +0 Points April 25, 2010

Fucking fake. Why is she recording herself?

darwin +0 Points April 25, 2010

That shit-eating grin makes me a bit suspicious. Planned fakery?

lilzook +0 Points April 25, 2010

lmfao..da fuck??


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