Cocky MMA Fighter Backflips Himself To Victory

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ya think +0 Points February 23, 2010

that dude took a dive

interesting tactics from the black guy +0 Points February 16, 2010

throw zero punches then curl into a ball nice fighting style

That ref +0 Points February 15, 2010

I should be fired

oh si +0 Points February 15, 2010

3 week credit repair

.... +0 Points February 15, 2010

that wasn't even a fight, dude had no intention of fighting what so ever was this staged?

me +0 Points February 15, 2010

Trying to figure out why the ref let that fight go on after he got him on the ground. It was pretty obvious he wasn't going to be fighting back.

,,, +0 Points February 15, 2010

That was a lame fight.

brooklyng0d +0 Points February 15, 2010

That reminds me of the time when I was flipped over and buttbanged by French sailors..I got knocked the fuck the butt...oh si

WTF +0 Points February 15, 2010

How did that idiot get a chance to be in the ring at all? He doesn't even put his hands up to protect his face.

Doc56 +0 Points February 15, 2010

Cant beleive he let him stick the landing with out punching him

brooklyngod +0 Points February 15, 2010

what a dumb shit. oh si


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