Cocky Black Dude Decimated In Backyard Brawl

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brooklyngod +0 Points February 6, 2010

boringgggggg. nextttttttttt. oh si

tony +0 Points February 4, 2010

did the girl at the end find her phone?

Swolen Colon Rupture +0 Points February 4, 2010

Decimation? Umm really? That had to be the shittiest fight of all time. Geez does the person who makes the titles even watch the videos?

asdas +0 Points February 4, 2010

Can someone post the time-stamp where the decimation occurred? That was the lamest ass fight with annoying fucking giggling.

umm +0 Points February 4, 2010

wtf was this homo shit....get it the fuck outta here

@lame +0 Points February 4, 2010

they are gays... what you expect?

Ireland +0 Points February 4, 2010

The negroid was made to look like an "English sheep-shagger" i.e a coward

Doc56 +0 Points February 4, 2010

Why is there Gay mud wrestling on Shoosetime?

lame +0 Points February 4, 2010

this fight was so weak..they both don't know how to fight

lilzook +0 Points February 4, 2010

that fight actually wasnt that bad


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