Clerk Destroys Thieves With Bottles of Booze

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ummm +0 Points May 15, 2010

they're still all fuckable

erick +0 Points May 14, 2010

he should be a raiders qback.

erick +0 Points May 14, 2010

wtf,stop fucking up my store,you muderfacker,7'11 very importan in india,you brake you pay,im not abooo friend of the simpsons.

umm +0 Points May 12, 2010

his first few throws were dead on...then he just went down hill from there...should stopped while he was ahead.

chuck +0 Points May 11, 2010

whats the difference?

lol +0 Points May 9, 2010

i think he broke his own window

fuck yeah +0 Points May 9, 2010

i love the sound effects

Dirk +0 Points May 9, 2010

Now they only need to come back with a bottle of vodka with a cloth stuffed in it , a light and they could finish that fight.

xKr0wnx +0 Points May 9, 2010

he should of stopped at 3, it couldn't get any better than that.

uhhhh he just wasted +0 Points May 9, 2010

more money than if he woulda just gave them the bottle of booze

bryguy +0 Points May 9, 2010

That guy had the accuracy of Rich Ankiel

brooklyngod +0 Points May 9, 2010

maybe. oh si

ad +0 Points May 9, 2010

That was an expensive fight.

Payton Manning +0 Points May 9, 2010

I had him at a 50 % ratio until he dissapeared outside I am sending this video to Ole Mississippi coaches

pj +0 Points May 9, 2010

that second throw smoked that fool!!

chuck u fukwit +0 Points May 9, 2010

they were turks

chuck +0 Points May 9, 2010

I guess hurdling a vodka bottle is different than a stones. Shitty aim after the first 3. That shit was funny. Fucken Lebanese always short changing people.

haha +0 Points May 9, 2010

gonna take a while to clean that up haha numpty wheres the baseball bat

HAHA +0 Points May 9, 2010

Stupid mud races.

JustAnotherProundAmerican! +0 Points May 9, 2010

Wow! What a nut case...they were drunk and stupid! Just call the cops..instead of wasting all that booze!

lilzook +0 Points May 9, 2010

damnnnn..who the fuck taght him to throw like that..that shit looked dangerous


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