Chinese Soldiers Invent Most Useful Tool Ever

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Order 2 +0 Points May 6, 2010

Fucken awesome... Just ordered 2 of them.

allen +0 Points May 4, 2010

looks a little like an old issue e-tool.Used by more than one Marine to kill the enemy with.

the man +0 Points May 3, 2010

Meat is right, the marines used it since ww1 and still used them today. I have a e-shovel in my trunk. It cost $15, I've used it at least 100x even though I bought it for zombie attacks. (Great minds think alike).

Brodeur +0 Points May 3, 2010

Cant believe i just watched that entire fucking video. I think i was in some sort of a trance

viva +0 Points May 3, 2010

poo you make me lught so hard get wife chines but just toy is great she dont say no any thing u do to her plus u can let hersit with u all day with no sound what u think

lol +0 Points May 3, 2010

what a waste of 5 minute. I could of watched that leaked sex video and came out.

brooklyngod +0 Points May 3, 2010

huh, intresting. no not really. oh si

robbi +0 Points May 3, 2010

any1 know were to get the 1 from the video from?

want... +0 Points May 3, 2010

tell me you dont want one!!!

meat +0 Points May 3, 2010

its called an e-tool (entrenchment) everyone has them... US marines been diggin shit holes since ww1.

Not convinced +0 Points May 3, 2010

Curious how the knife edge works when it is being used as an oar - also see him grabbing the blade when using the device to tighten wire. Good idea - but I remain Not Convinced

MMM +0 Points May 3, 2010

Ha, losers comments! That was invented in USSR, the idea was use it as tool and weapon ( u can throw it like an axe)

poo +0 Points May 3, 2010

Shit if that thing could cook i could get rid of my wife.

White flag +0 Points May 3, 2010

That's why we don't go to war with the Chinese, they got fuckin shield shovels.

Fuck +0 Points May 3, 2010

This is a totally worthless video.

Doc56 +0 Points May 3, 2010

When do they come out on Ebay or QVC ? "It digs ,dices, dismantals its the Shamwowovile"

lilzook +0 Points May 3, 2010

video is entirely to long

hahahaha... +0 Points May 3, 2010

what would be ironic is if it was Made in USA! :-)

... +0 Points May 3, 2010

ive never seen so many uses for a god damn shovel...lmao it would make an excellent zombie survival tool

lol +0 Points May 3, 2010

which mode do they switch to for better driving?

lol +0 Points May 3, 2010

they forgot: fly-swatter

i want one +0 Points May 3, 2010

for my zombie survival kit

ds +0 Points May 3, 2010

holy shit they invented.... a shovel!


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