Chicano Fight

These crazy bitches start throwing punches.

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User Comments (8)

  • Joe @ 02/13/07 07:58PM
    Fucking pussies, can't even fight, to much lip
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  • OK @ 01/25/07 03:18PM
    haha fucking beaners..the fuck were they doing?
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  • bla @ 01/24/07 01:58PM
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  • zekesteroid @ 01/23/07 01:58PM
    I was expecting to some chicks going at each other when the diion used the term 'bitches'. was a little disappointed to say the least
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  • bunchoffaggots @ 01/23/07 09:32AM
    bunch of pussies fighting, do they think they are cool fighting 20 on 1 and kicking him when hes on the ground, loosers
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  • _MaChEtE @ 01/23/07 08:39AM
    Viva La Raza!
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  • wtf @ 01/23/07 05:25AM
    what the fuck?
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  • Joss @ 01/23/07 04:54AM
    no action!
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