Chair Throwing Fight Erupts At NYC Eatery

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America is a shithole +0 Points August 3, 2010

NYC enough said....

hmmmm +0 Points July 31, 2010

thats rare... NIGERS..

j +0 Points July 30, 2010

sad thing is that apes are more civil than these jababees

dean +0 Points July 29, 2010

that was the most pussy ass fight i ever saw

lilzook +0 Points July 29, 2010

this was in NYC..this is normal

Prove Me Wrong +0 Points July 29, 2010

Did U see the white ppl scatter?? lol then dey started talkin shit when it was over after the black guy left.... sound just like cowardly white ppl. Go to HELL...wait you already are my fault resume being dumb fucks!!!

Peter File +0 Points July 29, 2010

just off screen after walking away he shat in is hand and threw it at a passing car. monkeys huh, what can you do

creepo +0 Points July 29, 2010

Best is is there is another black dude all the way at the end of the video and first words out his mouth is im not paying for this meal...skinny nigga would have got his ass beat

alicia keys +0 Points July 29, 2010

IN NEW YOOOOORK. CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF, THERES NOTHING YOU CANT DO. Especially if you want to ruin everyones lunch by acting like an escaped gorrila.

disgusted +0 Points July 29, 2010

and they let them just walk away to act like animals somewhere else

niggers +0 Points July 29, 2010

just push that car in front of a car and do the rest of us a favor

Noob +0 Points July 29, 2010

As honorable as that manager was, he is also a complete idiot. It was like 3 or 4 against the 2 faggots. They should have been jumped, beat up, then detained for starting shit.

WTF +0 Points July 29, 2010

hey hey has nothing to do with race, if motherfukers wanna get down, then that pussy ass manager in the white dress shirt should have said to his employees' "lets Rock!"

Jay +0 Points July 29, 2010

black people never cease to amaze me. lets throw metal chairs into a crowded restaurant, cause we dont gives a fuck!!! black people should not be allowed to go into public.

Lol +0 Points July 29, 2010

The last guy was like, "I'm not paying for this." Last second of the video....

umm +0 Points July 29, 2010

go figure, nigures

What a douche +0 Points July 29, 2010

If you want to fight, then fight. Don't backpedal and start lobbing metal chairs into a crowded restaurant. Guy acts tough, but fights like a little bitch.

darwin +0 Points July 29, 2010

Blacks and Russians. God's middle finger to the civilized world.

cnevl +0 Points July 29, 2010

Why are blacks always looking for trouble? And they always traveling in groups of two or more?

Pete - England +0 Points July 29, 2010

Well said beef curtains. White boy's hard and racist sat behind his computer screen. That was funny as fuck anyway, well worth the wait.

Cuntflaps +0 Points July 29, 2010

Fuck off chuck you daft cunt. Skin colour doesn't make a difference when you are a FUCKING CUNT.


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