The Kim Kardashian vid everyone is talking about

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Anonymous +0 Points January 24, 2018

I’m just n agreement with the gentleman below. I too would plow that plot until my tool fell off. Then I’d utilise my digits and every other body part to ensure my every fantasy was satisfied. Then and only then would the restraints be removed and she would be allowed to leave. Unless of course my observing friends wanted to play a while. Then once rested, my fun could recommence. Oh dreary me ..... the nasty fun one could indulge in with that sperm receptacle.mmmmmmm

Anonymous +0 Points January 22, 2018

Everyone? Really?

Anonymous +0 Points January 22, 2018


Anonymous +1 Point January 21, 2018


Anonymous +0 Points January 21, 2018

NEEDS MOAR LIP INJECTIONS!!! not She used to be a naturally beautiful woman, with those ugly lip injections and who knows what else... meh.

Anonymous +0 Points January 20, 2018

i still jacked off

BarterTown +0 Points January 20, 2018

I hate this bitch

Anonymous +1 Point January 20, 2018

nothing but a nigger loving piece of white trash-FUKIN LOW CLASS HO

Anonymous +0 Points January 20, 2018

@Anonymous Dont be so mad pussy lmao

Anonymous +0 Points January 19, 2018

What slip? You can see better anyway

Anonymous +0 Points January 19, 2018

I don't care what anyone says, I would fack the ever living shit out of Kim Kardashian.

Nigel the Negr0 +0 Points January 19, 2018

Hey Kim .....eyes gots me a BIG black dick .......CUM suck it!!!!!!!!

Norton +1 Point January 19, 2018

These bitches are fake and need to be removed

Anonymous +2 Points January 19, 2018


Anonymous +1 Point January 19, 2018

So far the only real accomplishment they have is running a cat house for the NBA.

Anonymous +1 Point January 19, 2018

Where was a nipple I must be blind..

andorman +4 Points January 19, 2018

Oh my god, a will she ever recover from the media nitemare

Sirwacalot +1 Point January 19, 2018

I was hoping her 15 minutes of fame would end, but there are idiots still watching her shit! Unbelievable! If she wasn’t born rich, she’d be trailer trash!


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