So, Miley Cyrus Performed NAKED Last Night

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Anonymous +0 Points May 25, 2016

This is what happens when good people do drugs.

RTM +0 Points April 15, 2016

Billy Ray must be one proud dad.

Anonymous +0 Points December 18, 2015

i would let her fuck me on stage with that big strap on

jad b -1 Points November 21, 2015

she is a national treasure, very talented and professional.

anonymous2112 +0 Points November 21, 2015

@Deadlikecobain-*GENRE ------

Deadlikecobain 😜🔫 +0 Points November 21, 2015

This bitch isn't sexy at all and has no talent in this ganre of music. I just hope she doesn't die at 27 and get into that club of immortals. She can feel free to die before or after.

Dooshtime -1 Points November 21, 2015

Wheres a good southern Christian extremist who also promotes vigilante "justice" and gun control when you need one?

basil +0 Points November 21, 2015

At the rate she's going it will be full sex on stage shortly. I'd pay to see that.

Anonymous +2 Points November 21, 2015

those aren't her tits, theyre part of the outfit....fake skin

---huh--- -1 Points November 21, 2015

white people...

I'd rather fuck an aids infested nigger -1 Points November 21, 2015

What in the fuck is wrong with her?


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