REAL: Famous Soccer Players in Thailand Orgy

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Anonymous +0 Points July 19, 2017

Got them sacked just before Leicester won the premiership. What are the odds? 5000:1?

Chun li +0 Points December 2, 2015

Eiffel tower= Girl has to be oral + vaginal sex by two guys.....

Not this....

Fucking fail at Sex accomplishment.

bigbootyjudy +0 Points June 7, 2015

So not only he most likely will be suspended by the team, he also just shared his tiny penis with the world, why would you let someone film you naked when you dick is the size of a cigarette lighter Haha

w +0 Points June 2, 2015

aids fiesta

inbred fucktards +0 Points June 2, 2015

shit on the pitch and shit in the sack, Leicesters finest bunch of retards, where's Gary Lineker? maybe he was filming it?

JewBAG +0 Points June 1, 2015

BFD I do this all the time to your mother

Zebra +0 Points June 1, 2015

One is hung damn

Your dad +0 Points June 1, 2015

They're white they will be ok

F350 +0 Points June 1, 2015

Little Doomie should get his rocks off on this, he enjoys asshole licking by his mother.

Meh +0 Points June 1, 2015

These cunts are gayer than the sport they play

fucking +1 Point June 1, 2015


dack janiels +1 Point June 1, 2015

this is actually a team training vid..nothing wrong with this mates..

darwin +1 Point June 1, 2015

This is fake. All the girls are over 12.

Tbird722 -1 Points June 1, 2015

Like so many UK Footballers they are over paid, brainless assholes with total disrespect for Women and a very poor example to kids.

Benrt +0 Points June 1, 2015

is there a full vid ?

moonfox34 +1 Point June 1, 2015

That would suck if they got the boot off the team for this. BBC reported it though so they are probably fucked.


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