Quarterback DeAndre Johnson Punches Girl

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Dirtiebirdie +0 Points July 7, 2015

how glad the many millions of Annabels and Lillian's would be to party with me.. But you showed such persistent you wore down my resistance, and pow! Your face was swell. I was you big and brave and handsome packiao, you made my heart grown active when your face came into view... I had to crush on you sweetie pie

Shino -1 Points July 7, 2015

Looks more like she got to the bar to order a drink, then he tries to muscle his way in, crushing her against the bar - turns around to tell him to back the hell off. The "raised fist" looks more like gesturing with her thumb to say behind and he starts man handling her, at which point, he is the one starting a physical altercation. Punches shouldn't have been thrown either way, but in no way does this show who was the actual instigator without sound.

stupid drunk slut deserved it +0 Points July 7, 2015

Judging by the bar tenders that is a shirt lifters bar anyway, possibly The Blue Oyster Bar

Lol +3 Points July 7, 2015

Self-defense on his part. She clearly was the aggressor and the instigator. Glad she got popped in the face. More women these days need that. They wanna step up to a man, try to act all fucking hard... The second you a throw a punch, all bets are off. Equal rights are what women cry for (even though they already have them) right up until they assault a man who defends himself. Then it's "OMG, how could you hit a girl?!?!?" I say "It would have been sexist not to.". Want equal rights? You get equal lefts, too. Cunts.

Equal Rights +2 Points July 7, 2015

I'm sorry but, it looks like he asked her to move to order a drink - then she raises her fist in an obvious sign of first aggression - then throws a punch. While I don't condone his actions, and he likely will be kicked off the team to be politically correct, but he is not getting charged with anything.

ano-nymous -1 Points July 7, 2015

holy shit, must have been a bitch of a qb, she takes it like a champ.


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