Bully Gives Chick A Quick Facial In The Bathroom

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Saimi +0 Points December 25, 2012

so just because he has a few kids and you don't like it he can't get off when he wants to? Thats not fair, ALTHOUGH he sholud really do a better job of keeping it to himself. I mean who watches their porn where they can easily be caught? Also if you really do destroy all the porn you can find in the house why hasn't he hid his damn porn better?

pod +0 Points March 6, 2010

And theyre supposed to be the future....God help us all

Man +0 Points March 5, 2010

Just because a Mexican lives in the USA doesn't make them an American, at least culturally. Whites are paying for their school, food, health care, and money sent "home."

brooklyngod +0 Points March 5, 2010

idk. oh si

thats y +0 Points March 5, 2010

i taught my lady how to fight cause they cant swing for shit on their own

nice!! +0 Points March 5, 2010

she was connecting consistently

Doc56 +0 Points March 5, 2010

Damn that Facebook and Myspace lead to more ass kicking

lilzook +0 Points March 5, 2010

stay classy america

Raptr2 +0 Points March 5, 2010

what a retarded way to fight. fuck girls are stupid


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