Bullies Force Young Girl To Strip And Eat Garbage In An Alley

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voyuerdog +0 Points July 4, 2009

Why didn't the bully girl just make her eat her pussy, that would have been more mecyful than making her eat rotten hambuger, well maybe not...

BingoBongo +0 Points May 7, 2009

I´d wish these sluts get what they deserve, one day!

thank god I\'m not Russian +0 Points July 28, 2008

typical Russian pigs. kozly.

why +0 Points June 4, 2008


suki +0 Points May 28, 2008

i thought i\'d never hit a girl, but this 2, i\'d break their scalps with a baseball bat

xv +0 Points May 26, 2008

remove this crap....

X +0 Points May 26, 2008

Sometimes the phrase \"By any means necessary.\" Applies alot of ppl don\'t believe in violence, but it is effective if used right.

O NOES! +0 Points May 24, 2008

Spoor girl.. so sad..

unknown.. +0 Points May 23, 2008

seriously this should be deleted..!

what? +0 Points May 23, 2008

It bad to see, but good to know this shit happens. If not posted here then where?

get real +0 Points May 23, 2008

There is nothing wrong with russia , bad people where ever you go!no different to the american girls bullying.

I Lulled +0 Points May 22, 2008

I\'d still tap that

Chi +0 Points May 22, 2008

I hope there\'s some karmic justice in this world and bullies like this die painfully, horribly, with the world laughing at them.

DB +0 Points May 22, 2008

This is upsetting. I really hope the girl is okay. For her to be put through that is horrendous. Truly horrible.

Yash +0 Points May 22, 2008

Yeah, truly, Russia has gone to shit. These ignorants should really be punished.

Tamara +0 Points May 22, 2008

They would eat shit from me, if i were there..such bitches should be fucked so hard that they would forget who they are..damn bitches!!

hmmm +0 Points May 22, 2008

tim would run in there and ruin their lives forever..believe me

TeRRoR +0 Points May 22, 2008

In Soviet Russia, friends bully YOU.

Zangief +0 Points May 22, 2008

Why the fuck do you show these videos of misery! orrible russian bitches

Steve +0 Points May 22, 2008


Livin\' on the edge!!!

Its me +0 Points May 22, 2008

Russia has really gone to shit.

Killroy +0 Points May 22, 2008

Videos like these have no place on the internet. Shame on Shooshtime for allowing it.

alena +0 Points May 22, 2008

bla kakie urotki suki ja bi ih po stene rasmasala, bomschihi jöbanie, ani bi drug drugu schopu lesali, i srali kaschdemu w rot, suki pasornie

cormax +0 Points May 22, 2008

these girls should be jailed

Danzel +0 Points May 22, 2008

Poor girl.


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