Bull Rider Hilariously Sent Flying After Hard KO

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weak neck +0 Points February 10, 2010

The guy hit the bull's head and was knocked unconscious. Then he went flying. That's what happens when you don't have proper training.

brooklyngod +0 Points February 9, 2010

***oh si***

Hillbilly +0 Points February 9, 2010

Greg "the hammer" Valentine couldn't have preformed a better faceplant. Facking hilarious. Why not just get someone to drive a truck as fast as they can into your head!

damn +0 Points February 9, 2010

I'd ride that bull backwards with no helmet. fucking pussy

Tuga +0 Points February 9, 2010

What do expect when u ride a 2 ton bull?lol retards

i have a great idea!! +0 Points February 9, 2010

lets aggravate a bull and ride it..

umm +0 Points February 9, 2010

a well deserved KO...fuck these shit kicking broke back fag cowboys

Doc56 +0 Points February 9, 2010

It looked like he took a shot to the head and was out but instinct made him hold on but then took a second shot before he was launched

Cuntflaps +0 Points February 9, 2010

Why the fuck do you fucking retards do this shit? Fucking backward cowboy cunts.


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