He calls this one "TRAINING A WHITE GIRL"

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melissafb584 +0 Points September 22, 2017

shit this guy is everywhere

Im_OnTop +0 Points August 25, 2017

Training? If I had a dick like that I would destroy her throat, make her gag and choke, make her suffocate and begging for air... all the way down...

Anonymous +0 Points August 12, 2017

Send that cock to Charlottesville, VA and use it as a weapon to battle the white supremacists!

Anonymous +0 Points August 12, 2017

Bitch ugly

Anonymous +0 Points August 11, 2017

Fuck all the niggers raping all the white women, i wish trump makes a law that niggers cant touch any white women or any other women other than black women

Leshaun +0 Points August 11, 2017

No need to train the white woman! It's natural instinct to drop to their knees, and attempt to wrap their lily white hands and wet mouth around the big thick cock of the black man! To worship the larger cock of the black man in hopes of having it plunged into what will become their formerly tight pussy in hopes of the black man filling her cunt up with his superior gene seed, until it dribbles out of her pussy while she follows up and sucks him dry of every drop of his cum! Hoping, praying, that she did enough to satisfy him so much so, that he might bless her with his anaconda over and over again. For all her days.

Anonymous +0 Points August 11, 2017

i however wouldve called it, getting paid for heroin

Anonymous +0 Points August 11, 2017

These green eyes and redish hair, reminds me of my love Emma Stone

DumbNigger +0 Points August 11, 2017

Average length. Camera zooms out. Slightly above average - sorta big girth.

"Training a white girl.... for any guy"

Anonymous +0 Points August 11, 2017

@DumbNigger Getting his dick sucked: this guy. Commenting about his dick getting sucked: you

Anonymous +0 Points August 11, 2017

Says the guy getting triggered by a porn video comment. @Anonymous

Anonymous +0 Points August 11, 2017



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