British Cops Beat Intoxicated Chick Bloody

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:) +0 Points September 8, 2010

drunk bitch, shes innocent, fuck if she was innocent she wouldnt be in custody

Rahhh +0 Points September 8, 2010

He got 6 months in prison for this. Was on the news yesterday.

brooklyngod +0 Points September 6, 2010

wow, really. oh si

nollaig4 +0 Points September 6, 2010

been living with that shit every day for 30 years RUC/PSNI animals in a uniform

F* Brit Cop +0 Points September 6, 2010

Any cop who does that to a chick needs his teeth kicked in

meat +0 Points September 6, 2010


Wittenberge +0 Points September 6, 2010

Gut, dass diese dreckigen Wichser keine Mitglieder unserer schönen EU sind...

Scheiß auf Großbritannien!

n +0 Points September 6, 2010

wtf, he doesnt do shit

Enough +0 Points September 6, 2010

Protect and (self) serve

/// +0 Points September 6, 2010

Inb4 Noob sucks my dick


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