Body Builder Attacks Heckler During Show

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german +0 Points August 23, 2010

roids rage

alex +0 Points August 21, 2010

Solche Verhalten geben BB ein schlechtes Image.

Und was soll das für eine Meisterschaft sein, wo solche schon auf der Bühne stehen?

lol +0 Points August 20, 2010

fucking beaners...thats what u get if ur on a burrito diet 24/7

brooklyngod +0 Points August 20, 2010

meh. oh si

oh si +0 Points August 20, 2010

brooklyngoddess was on that stage

um +0 Points August 20, 2010

no heckling. We figured out he was mad cus he didnt win and challenged a judge, and that was the video we saw. Shooshtime gets the uncut version and still dont nkow whats goin on lol

lunk alarm +0 Points August 20, 2010


what ats viper said +0 Points August 20, 2010


all because +0 Points August 20, 2010

of one jealous faggot in a yellow polo

greasy mcgreased +0 Points August 20, 2010

hes using the ole' I'm too slippery to catch fighting style

El Judge +0 Points August 20, 2010

He no like the $100.00 coupon for Taco bell

des +0 Points August 20, 2010

the winner gets the free ride to the US border. he was pissed off because he deserved that free ride, now he's stuck in this pissed poor town.

umm +0 Points August 20, 2010

He was sitting at the table.. the contestant ripped up his award.. he was pissed he didn't get first, challenged a JUDGE and then the JUDGE challenged back and they fought.. wasn't no fucking heckler idiots.

ATSViper +0 Points August 20, 2010

Roid rage


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