Bobby Lashley Takes On Big Man Bob Sapp

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Anonymous +0 Points March 7, 2016

Extreme amateur double fist fucked in her loose vagina

Colton +0 Points September 18, 2009

I like Sapp but it doesn't seem like he cares if he wins of loses. Like the Cro Cop fight...he didn't have to stay down, yet he did.

gay fight +0 Points July 1, 2009

sapp is such a pussy he has no fucking fighting ability or heart

Ok +0 Points June 30, 2009

Lesnar would still whoop Ashley's ass, but it would be a much better fight than this.

Medieval Translation +0 Points June 30, 2009

Where'th art thou Sack?

HE +0 Points June 30, 2009

who the fuck keeps saying "where's sack"? i got you nut sack RIGHT HERE.

hrm +0 Points June 30, 2009

all i saw was two gorillas trying to fuck each other. crappy fight!!!

Well +0 Points June 30, 2009

Bob Sapp hasn't been shit in a long time. He is so big, but he sucks balls when he faces virtually anyone.

Crying for help +0 Points June 30, 2009

Refs didn't gave a shit in this tragic night of fighting.

Secretary Cleary +0 Points June 30, 2009

Where's Sack?

Not a very good fight +0 Points June 30, 2009

Bring that chump to Lesnar!

Sapp +0 Points June 30, 2009

Sapp can't bullrush ppl anymore like in his K1 days :P So his size isn't as much as an advantage anymore.

Doubtndude +0 Points June 30, 2009

Sapp looked sapped not really an impressive fight but hey looked like Lashley did his home work

. +0 Points June 30, 2009

bob sapp got overpowered


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