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Suicidal +2 Points July 14, 2017

ShooshTime wants YOU to make videos like this... What with no ass fucking or no busting a nut over some skanks face, just stand there with your pathetic tits covered by a shooshtime sticker. I knew the videos were getting worse and reposted on here over and over and over again but, you say the you want us to make videos like this?? Here is a better idea... How about shooshtime stop reposting shit and start with new videos?? There are plenty out there, that I have never seen on this site. How about you so called admins pull your fingers out and go looking??... Just Sayin'

Anonymous +0 Points July 30, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points July 14, 2017

@Suicidal You really spent 5 minutes of your life to bitch and complain?

Anonymous +0 Points July 14, 2017

@Anonymous And you spent 30 fapping on this video?

dack janiels -1 Points July 14, 2017

piper perri

Anonymous +0 Points July 14, 2017

What's last name u cunt

Anonymous +0 Points July 14, 2017

Are trannies accepted?

Anonymous -1 Points July 14, 2017

@Anonymous no.. only Piper Perri trannies

Admin +0 Points July 14, 2017

@Anonymous Yes any gender is welcomed cheers!

Shooshtime +1 Point July 14, 2017

@Anonymous No sorry

kest +0 Points July 14, 2017

cool la dédicace de cette belle salope

Anonymous +1 Point July 14, 2017


Anonymous +0 Points July 14, 2017

Layla... you fucking retard. Read the letters that are arranged in a specific order to create a word; in this case LAYLA... Layla. Its fucking Layla @Anonymous

David0175 +1 Point July 14, 2017

@Anonymous Calm the fuck down. Didn't you see the wink, he's being sarcastic.

She said shooshtime funny +1 Point July 14, 2017

@Anonymous I 1st thought you were calling Layla a fucking retard. My bad

Anonymous +2 Points July 14, 2017

@Anonymous - Unless she's like Cher, or Madonna, she has a last name too, ass face.

Anonymous +0 Points July 14, 2017

@Anonymous you asked for her name though


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