Blacks Stop Random Guy, Beat Him & Trash His Car

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Fuck +0 Points June 20, 2010

America is fucked!

NewWorldOrder +0 Points June 17, 2010

@the truth...Oh we know what to do with them. It's just the pussies of the world keep getting in our way because they know that they will be next.

DapeTay +0 Points June 15, 2010

The dude should have thrown them a basket ball or a water mellon or some KFC coupons or something. That would have destracted them long enough to get away. Foshizzle my nizzle

LillyWhiteAndProud +0 Points June 15, 2010

What starts with a N and ends with a R and is the last thing you want to call a black person......neighbor.

Wake up White People.

yeah +0 Points June 15, 2010


IHATEBLAKSNOW +0 Points June 15, 2010

Seriously what the fuck have gotten into these fucking black people...oh let me find this random guy beat him and do a $1000 in damage to his car...seriously why do you think all of the white people move out of neihborhoods when blacks move in...because o

Racist Bastard +0 Points June 15, 2010

Fucking jungle bunnies

btw +0 Points June 14, 2010

these guys are from 6co a hatian gang from palm beach, theyve got the hatian mentality and get stuff from haiti, dunno anymore know what i mean

Sorry to say this! +0 Points June 14, 2010

But white people brought this upon them self, Maybe us white folks don't act like this, but our ancestors did. Karma is a bitch maybe the blacks will get he same treat man that the guy got my. Just my 04.00 cents

Nathan Forrest +0 Points June 14, 2010

I don't get it. He is in a car... They are not...So, why didn't he just run over them? Also, how did these chimps escape from the zoo?

brooklyngod +0 Points June 14, 2010

what did you expect ass holes. oh si

Joker +0 Points June 14, 2010

Again, dont hire, promote nor sell property to them...

its funny +0 Points June 14, 2010

its funny how people get mad about stereotypes and then act like this. I mean blacks dont want to be stereo typed as thugs or theifs, but then they do stuff like this.

what +0 Points June 14, 2010

where 's jessie jackson @al sharpton now ? those racist pigs

Whicker +0 Points June 14, 2010

Fucking Kenyans! lol

DoGG +0 Points June 14, 2010

Welcome to the jungle! Never stop, just run them over!

Craig +0 Points June 14, 2010

Did he died?

dj +0 Points June 14, 2010

you dont see white ppl doing this do u

umm +0 Points June 14, 2010

wow...yet again, very typical

BigBench +0 Points June 14, 2010

Fuckin monkeys !

Go back to the jungle

Common sence +0 Points June 14, 2010

While entering Detroit , Atlanta , Clevland , Chicago "White folks use the door locks only unlock when your in a safe open area and never stop for a troup of Baboons no matter what "

blackass +0 Points June 14, 2010

thats my boyyzzz fuck whitey

fucking pussy thug wanna be's +0 Points June 14, 2010

This is why I say if someone wants to be in a gang or be a thug. Just fucking shoot them. No trial, no jail, no fucking mercy. Fucking kill everyone of those fucking losers.

chuck +0 Points June 14, 2010

that's why I always pack heat with extra clips. just in case the baboons get out of line.

btw +0 Points June 14, 2010

thats west palm beach florida not detroit


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