Black Girls Throw Fists Over A Hamburger

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She pretty much retired after this 'brutal' scene LOL: Delivery boy doesn't know WTF to do MILF fucking goes for it at... a car dealership? Waterboarding is a FETISH now? dis is not da whey She swears she can turn a gay man straight "did I really just suck off three of my friends?!" How DEEP can this 19Y/O take it? Until she cries

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Ever see this MILF's killer home video? I could watch this busty girl fuck all day FOLLOW ME TO FUCKING PARADISE Kaley Cuoco SLIPPIN Frat boy secretly films banging 2 teens She'll take on ANY cock you give to her ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS! ASS ASS!


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kev +0 Points August 31, 2010

They're black for a reason. Stupid ass people.

Look said +0 Points August 31, 2010

Its Brooklyngods mom fighting

noobs a nigger +0 Points August 31, 2010

And a cock lover

Noob is a boob +0 Points August 31, 2010

Yes hes is a boob

I agree +0 Points August 31, 2010

I am with these folks. Noob is a gaylord.

Noob is a fag +0 Points August 31, 2010

Its true noob. nobody likes u.

NOOB is a HOMO +0 Points August 31, 2010

Noob dont you get it? Nobody likes the fact that you get up at 3 in the morning to write gayass inb4 comments. You are just as gay as gaylord Brooklyngod.

Prove Me Wrong +0 Points August 31, 2010

umm u shuld go back to licking your mom's asshole and da rest of u rascists white faggots go back to jacking off to da ugly snowbunnies on here...get friends and a life you dried up cunts.

Noob +0 Points August 31, 2010

You guys make my day.

hmmm +0 Points August 31, 2010

was this the toronto zoo?

fucktards +0 Points August 31, 2010

inb4 my shitty ass. go suck on this inb4

umm +0 Points August 31, 2010

just because youre inb4 anything wont change shit...inb4 sunrise....the sun will still rise...inb4 your moms a slut....shes still a slut...anyway, gorilla fest on the streets again

Noob +0 Points August 31, 2010

inb4 racism =)


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