Black Dude Humiliates White Kid With Bitch Slap

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Nigga +0 Points July 8, 2012

Niggas call everyone Nigga, you dumb dumb Nigga

lilzook +0 Points February 12, 2010

bitch smack of the year award goes to...

brooklyngod +0 Points February 12, 2010

I like getting it to and fro from a diseased sailor...

I like taking it big and hard from the rear...

I dont like green eggs and ham...

A big raging homo, Indeed I am.....Ps. I swallow.... wink wink

lame +0 Points February 12, 2010

he slaps like a girl then moves back like a girl... I think that guys a girl... Proper gangsta!

Doc56 +0 Points February 12, 2010

He now goes home grabs a gun and shoots mr slappy at school another thinning of the herd

ftg +0 Points February 12, 2010

hi my name is brooklyngod and i'm a raging homosexual

fack +0 Points February 12, 2010

i would of knock the faken negro the fuck out faken pussy ass white boi scared of a chocolate mother fucker

brooklyngod +0 Points February 12, 2010

!!!oh si!!!


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