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marlon +0 Points June 30, 2017

It must all the nuclear radiation.

fuck yeah +0 Points April 28, 2015

this is the best thing ever

Shoosher +0 Points March 25, 2015


DOOM TO ALL WIGGERS +0 Points March 25, 2015


"C" +0 Points March 25, 2015

Ron Popeil's new Dick-O- Matic, it slices, it dices, but wait that's not all, the next 20 people that call in will also get my Pecker-Rice Piloff maker ABSOLUTELY FREE. (You only pay additional shipping and handling)

darwin +0 Points March 25, 2015

Rice stew for dinner. Looks good.

Nope +0 Points March 25, 2015

This is from the movie "The ABC's of Death"

BillyBoy +0 Points March 25, 2015

I dont know about you guys but that made me cum like the fourth of July

basil +0 Points March 25, 2015

What no pixellated twats? Sure it's Japanese porn?

hahah +0 Points March 25, 2015

that was pretty awesome really

dasfsf +0 Points March 25, 2015

so thats how u cook.

Texas Jim +0 Points March 25, 2015

there were no negros in the video so I'm ok with it.


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