Gay Guy Gives Flaming Whole New Meaning

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Jexi +0 Points July 27, 2012

I can't wait to get I can't wait to get one of these, I really love catolboes, I am using a smaller puple plastic case from like the early 90 s lol catolboes if a good brand since it's lasted me that long

viva -1 Points July 9, 2010

gay what u need to be

brooklyngod -1 Points July 9, 2010

instant priceless classic shoosh time video. oh si

damn he's one hot piece of ass! -1 Points July 9, 2010

i don't get why gay dudes talk with that gay accent. When did they decide they were gonna talk all gay like? They may have been born gay but they weren't born talking like that

damn, -1 Points July 9, 2010

he's one hot piece of ass!

darwin -1 Points July 9, 2010

OK, I'll say it first. A message to other posters: don't even think of posting the following comment....."Damn, he's one hot piece of ass!"

lilzook -1 Points July 9, 2010

gnna burn 1 way or the other

ATSViper -1 Points July 9, 2010

"It's all good, It's all good"...I guess he at least had a good sense of humor lol


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