Dolphin Escapes Tank At Sea World Japan

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Blatant Racist +1 Point September 20, 2010

The crowd got up cause they all thought the sushi bar was included.

awdw +1 Point July 18, 2010

Don't support these shitty places that capture wild animals and put them in cages

dolphins +1 Point July 14, 2010

@yo , dolphins are not fish retard

yo +1 Point July 14, 2010

And what the hell was them Japanese workers doing? BUildiing that fish a death bed? What...were they building a brand new pool for that fish? Fuckin Japs are some extraordinary creatures.

yo +1 Point July 14, 2010

yah boy i like how those other dolphins was gathering by the glass, looking at the beached dolphin with so much concern. Them dolphins are truly extraordinary.

Funny how them other two dolphins in the back was like, "Fuck that nigga. Let em die

grill +1 Point July 13, 2010

need a big ass grill for that

brooklyngod +1 Point July 13, 2010

i suppose. oh si

suicide +1 Point July 13, 2010

that was dolphin suicide. You would kill yourself too if you were locked in 10 by 10 box with nothing in it.

Eric C. +1 Point July 13, 2010

I tought they only killed cow and chicken and no more whales

EMO'S +1 Point July 13, 2010


lulz +1 Point July 13, 2010

you guys should check out the documentary "The Cove"'s about dolphins and how the Japanese slaughter them

damn +1 Point July 13, 2010

Why don't they just pick him up and throw him back in? I would use my Superman strength and do that! Or i would fly around the world in reverse really fast and undue it

damn +1 Point July 13, 2010

Clean up on isle three!!

yo +1 Point July 13, 2010

did he died?

Did +1 Point July 13, 2010

anyone else notice all the other dolphins gathering around to watch?

dean +0 Points July 13, 2010

maybe if they ask him nicely he will go back in.

umm +1 Point July 13, 2010

humans are pieces of shit

_ +1 Point July 13, 2010

are they planning to just put a bunch of mats on it and call it a day?

dailey fact +1 Point July 13, 2010

why dont they just put it back over the wall,and i meant japenese

lilzook +1 Point July 13, 2010

lmfao "vedie guut"

@ @daily fact +1 Point July 13, 2010

you're not much better asshole

"both of your English and Chinese sucks" ? did you drop out of elementary school ?

@dailey fact +1 Point July 13, 2010

dumb fuck... go fuck the wall or something both of your English and Chinese sucks... and thats not even close to Chinese stupid Monoglot American...

dailey fact +1 Point July 13, 2010

gum yut hai mut ya yut.... means hey what day is today in chinese!!!!! HAHAHAHAH

rixxxx +1 Point July 13, 2010

mmmmm sushi


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