Bro, what the FUCK is wrong with your cock?

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Anonymous +0 Points August 21, 2017

I want to stick a needle in it.

beezow doo-doo zopittybop-bop +0 Points March 20, 2016

"yes that is my name" anyway try Charizarding: "When you light a girls pubes on fire, put it out with your jizz then flap your arms and say 'You don't have have enough badges to train me.'" [This is a new take on an old favorite, The Flaming Amazon.]

Anonymous +0 Points February 11, 2016

This cock is the aftermath of a short pumping session. Temporarily enlarging the soft tissue just behind the cock head. Been there, done that.

Anonymous +0 Points January 20, 2016

Why are all you males concentrating so much on his dick??

Fapomatic -1 Points January 20, 2016

Dude needs to pull that foreskin back and wipe out that wad of dick cheese.

Anonymous -1 Points January 20, 2016

It's those sissy as underwear... They suck the testosterone right out of a man.

Nice -1 Points January 20, 2016

Callouses from jacking off?

Deadlikecobain 😜🔫 -1 Points January 20, 2016

That's one of those disasters of shooting silicone into your dick. Women are doing that for their asses too. It's such a horrible idea and usually done by untrained and unsanitary people.


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