Black Chick Screams Racism At Sea World

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Anonymous +0 Points December 22, 2015

Chimpout number 234,452,4506,751.

iamthebest +0 Points February 15, 2013

give the whales and dolphins a break and put these animals in a cage instead

iamthebest +0 Points February 15, 2013

give the whales and dolphins a break and put these animals in a cage instead

TheSamaell +0 Points June 17, 2011

would it be racist to say that SOME black people are just ghetto ? watch and answer

Nigger Hatin Me +0 Points July 7, 2010

How the hell did Shamu's turd get from the bottom of the tank to cutting the line? And who put in a pink shirt on it? Who puts clothes on whale shit?? This Sea World place is strange.

umm +0 Points July 6, 2010

fucking gross

laryy +0 Points July 6, 2010

did the white bread really pour soda on the kid i couldn't understand Shaniqua's blabbering (sorry, i don't speak Ebonics). Could someone give me which timeline she said the white bread poured soda on the kid...

thetruth +0 Points July 4, 2010

a bullet in the head is needed here!

croat +0 Points July 3, 2010

white power,usa is black slavers

!! +0 Points July 3, 2010

I'd still fuck her!

Joe Momma +0 Points July 3, 2010

cornbread, chitlins, coke ... n now an escaped ape at sea world? wow. someone call the naacp please.

Klan Member 1019181 +0 Points July 3, 2010

Ummm, since when did sea world have a silverback exhibit

ROFL +0 Points July 3, 2010

whitey got owned.."oh man, i messed up, i got to sit down"

hhuhuhuhuuhuhuh +0 Points July 3, 2010

i remember when we could breed sea monkeys in a fish bowl for like 99 cents. Now they're everywhere. Just chickens coming home to roost.

Rev Al Sharpton +0 Points July 3, 2010

Hell yeah Sister you cut that line its the way of the beast we no longer ride in back we have a black man in the big house its a New World Order " Change "

Wilma Dikfitt +0 Points July 3, 2010

Lookie Here

czsas +0 Points July 3, 2010

That could happen to anyone of any color. The world is unfair sometimes. That's fucked up if they poured soda on her kid. I'll tell you what if she had one other black person there I bet she would have been swinging instead of talking.

CombatJock +0 Points July 3, 2010

I hate to say this too, but I kind of agree with her. If she was told to come back to the front of the line by the cashier, I would have. If someone laid a hand on my kid, I would have beat that motherfucker bloody.

bullshit +0 Points July 3, 2010

typical, always looking for something, bet she went to her lawyer the same day to sue and get hers some moneyz.

khan +0 Points July 3, 2010

I am sorry Mrs. Johnson...I don't speak chimp.

zapperj +0 Points July 3, 2010

Another future Obama appointee....

first time i say... +0 Points July 3, 2010

... but instead they touch the niggas kid and pour soda on her... yeah thats real fair.

first time i say... +0 Points July 3, 2010

the black women is right... all they had to do is say excuse me your cutting the line and all she had to do was say oh no we were already in he told us to come back up front.

hahahahah +0 Points July 3, 2010

Isn't this the same nig from that subway? She's president charles!

Wow +0 Points July 3, 2010

Had did it get out of the tank?


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